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Do You Love Islam? Then Please Follow These 3 Things.

Almost all of them love Islam. But sadly, only few of them practise Islam truly. You are blessed that you are born as a Muslim. If you really love being Muslim, then you should practise it too. Not just stay as a Muslim, show the world that you are Muslim. You will be called as the perfect Muslim when you follow the advices that you give it to your friends. The best way to prove that you love Islam is to follow all the Islamic rules and avoid the prohibitions in Islam.

If you love Islam then never miss your Salah

Never miss your Salah.Salah is must.

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Salah, the very first question asked on the day of  Judgement. If you want to save yourself from the 15 punishments for missing the salah, then never ever miss your single salah. And those punishments are very very painful. No salah, then no Jannah. As you all know, salah is the key to jannah. If you left/missed any of your previous days or years salah, then offer Qaza Salah's as soon as possible. Remember, what happened to Iblees when he didn't bow before Adam(Alaihis Salah). Imagine you didn't pray your Isha and slept, and when you open your eyes, you're in grave! No one knows when your death will come. So please be prepared by offering 5 times salah a day and Tahajjud if possible. Now a days, people are giving more priority to their work, rather than offering salah on time. Remember one thing, prayer always comes first and then the work. Prayer and dua are the only medicines for your successful future in this world and hereafter. Never miss your salah, as it takes only few minutes of your time.

If you love Islam then avoid Back-Biting and Gossips

Backbiting is major sin in Islam. Avoid it

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Backbiting(Gheebah) is one of the major(Kabira) sin in Islam that cannot be forgiven unless and until you ask forgiveness from the person whom you have abused or said bad about and that person have forgiven you. Backbite means to talk bad about someone in his absence that he would hate to hear about. The bad may include his/her looks, way of talking, behaviour, manners etc. This is the major sin after Shirk. Never keep anything bad about someone in your heart. Jealousy destroys your Iman just like fire destroys the wood. Please avoid all the unnecessary talks. The more you talk, the more you will get habituated to it. And you may intentionally or unintentionally speak bad about the other people. The one who abuse, backbite or gossip about anything unnecessary, he/she will be burnt into the hell fire. So, please avoid it as much as possible. There are lots of hadith's related to this topic. I'm not mentioning them here, but you can surely Google and find it out. Do you really love Islam and believe in the day of judgement? Then please avoid backbite and gossips! It's of no use, but fun for few minutes. You will not know that it's spoiling your akhirah(hereafter).

If you love Islam then avoid Zina - Haram Relationships

Say no to couple before marriage. Avoid zina

Zina is one of the major sin after Backbite(Gheebah). Here, the term Zina means haram relationship between a boy or a girl. For example - falling in love with a boy or a girl before marriage is haram and leads to Zina. In today's generation, Zina has become very common and a cheap act that almost 70% of people are practising it ! The social networking sites like Facebook can be the way that leads to Zina. Because, the relationship itself starts from online dating. A boy and a girl cannot be alone even if it's online or offline. The third one is obviously the satan(devil) who tempts them for haram things. Also, it has been mention in the Qur'an that one has to lower his/her gaze when the opposite gender passes in front of you. But, today's generation has become worst. It's hard to find someone who lower their gaze, cover their private parts, avoid making girlfriend/boyfriend. Infant, many Muslims are going into haram relationships and practising all those haram things that are strictly prohibited in Islam. If you really love someone, then speak to her/his parents directly for marriage as soon as possible. But, never ever go into haram relationship! There's a major punishment for this sin that has been said by Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) and his Rasool(Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam).