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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Making Girlfriend or Boyfriend

You may not realize the love that happens before marriage is just an attraction which ends up very soon. You make boyfriend or girlfriend when you get attracted towards him/her. As you see, after few months or years, you feel bored with your partner and start searching for other. That isn't love. That is called lust, which has to be avoided! It can ruin your life very badly!

Love before marriage is like a road that has many speed breakers on the way. You just cannot live happily together in any way. A lot of problems arises on the way of your journey. For example, you both have to meet secretly, and when your parents get to know, you will be screwed up badly. Some people say that meeting their loved ones secretly has more fun. But, what's the use of that kind of fun which cannot last longer? And you are also cheating your own parents who trust you a lot. Let's see the 5 reasons why you should avoid making girlfriend or boyfriend before marriage.

Falling in love before marriage is not permitted in Islam

Avoid haram relationship and avoid haram love
My dear fellow Muslims, loving someone or being in a relationship before marriage is strictly prohibited in Islam. Basically, we love someone for the sake of Allah and hate someone for the sake of Allah. So, being in a relationship with someone before marriage is haram and this is like we're cheating Allah. Indeed, the punishment of haram relationship(Zina) is very painful in Islam. I do agree that love is a feeling and it may happen any time, anywhere.  If you really like that person, then go in halal way by directly talking to your parents, instead of being in a haram relationship. So, it's clear that Islam doesn't allow girlfriends or boyfriends and this must be avoided. Halal love is always the successful one that lasts forever. If you're in a relationship, then forget him/her for the sake of Allah or else marry that person as soon as possible! Avoid haram relationship, Allah will find someone better for you.

Falling in love before marriage will destroy your trust

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When I spoke to people about love, they replied "I never trust love, that's waste of time, Love is bullshit!" Well, these words come to mind when one has been experienced breakup or have seen friend's being broke up. When I asked them the reason, they replied "I saw my friend being cheated in love". And others replied "I don't trust any boy in this world and I avoid them completely"(just because she saw her friend being cheated too).
A relationship before marriage doesn't stay longer. It may last for 4 months or maximum up to 5 years. In today's generation, 70% relationships doesn't end up successfully. Some get cheated and some avoid or ignore each other because he/she gets engaged. So, this may be the worst reason why people hate love or doesn't trust love at all. Love and breakup plays with one's emotions and feelings which happens once, cannot be forgotten in the entire life. Usually, avoiding girlfriend or boyfriend can help you make your trust stronger on your future husband/wife.

Falling in love before marriage is waste of time and waste of money

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Believe it or not, falling in love before marriage is a waste of time. You waste the time spending your whole day and night talking to your partner and don't just realize what actually you were supposed to do. I've seen many people being crazy about their partner and lost their friend's companionship and ignoring their family too. This seems be to completely stupidity. Isn't it? Sometimes, you be with your friends but you still feel alone because your partner isn't with you. If at all you break up, the memories will not let you sleep, eat, think, talk and you stay as a dumb human for years. Isn't this thing wasting your precious time?! 

Having ice creams and chocolates together, going to restaurants, going to theatres, sharing gifts with one another is one of the best feeling you get! But what's the use of it when you don't really know where really your futures takes you? Imagine spending $5000 and you get nothing but a final Good-Bye! 

Falling in love before marriage leads to misunderstandings

The worst problem that causes breakups in a relationship is misunderstanding. A single misunderstanding may lead to breakup. The question is, what causes misunderstanding? Why people break up due to one single misunderstanding? The answer for this question is trust. In a relationship, trust/believe plays a major role. No trust = no love. Where there is trust, there is love. Else, that love is just meaningless which leads to many issues and breakup at the end. This can be another reason for your sleepless nights! If you are falling in love with someone and you have no trust on him/her, then that relation doesn't make any sense at all. Make sure that you have 100% trust on someone before you fall in love.

Falling in love will steal your freedom

Falling in love will cause you lose your freedom

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Well, many couples may have been experienced this one! This is for both married couple and couple before marriage. Once you are in a relationship, you cannot look at other girls/boys walking around you. You are not supposed to talk to others, but her/him. You are not supposed to go to theatres alone or with your friends. You are not supposed to go shopping with your friends. You are not supposed to sleep until you say I love you and many more.  You are supposed to listen only to what your partner says! These will be few rules gifted for you by your partner. And you're the luckiest guy if you have no such rules. In-short, you will completely lose your freedom! How could anyone live with such rules, after all?!

Instead, avoid girlfriend or boyfriend and you may have fun with your friends, do what ever you want to do, go where ever you want to go. There will be no one to stop you!

Note:- The above reasons have been mentioned with respect to love before marriage. But the love that happens after marriage is undoubtedly true where one can observe true feeling and trust. And when there is a trust, your partner will never ever doubt on you even if you look at others!
My suggestion is to avoid girlfriend or boyfriend and have fun with friends and family :)