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10 Websites Similar To Yahoo Answers(With Pictures)

Yahoo Answers, the most popular on-line community where thousands of people ask question and answers on a wide range of topics every day. You can ask any kind of question and receive response within few minutes of time.

As Yahoo Answer is the most popular community, you people may have been searching for the similar sites. Well, there are lots of question and answers sites out there, but I found few that are very similar. So, let's take a close look at the 10 websites that are similar to yahoo answers.

1. Answers.com(Also known as wiki.answers.com)

Answers.com was founded in 1999 that includes Video answers, Wiki Answers, Reference Answers, Question and answer community on a very wide collection of categories. This website is almost very similar to yahoo answers where you can ask questions and get quick responses from the user community. 


2. AllExperts.com

AllExperts was founded in 1998 which was the very first question and answer service on the web. A must visit website that's similar to yahoo answers. One of the most rated and trusted website where you can surely expect the response to your questions within a day ! The people who give response to your questions are the professional lawyers, doctors, engineers and scientists. So you can expect the answer to be 100% genuine and valuable.


3. AnswerBag.com

Another good website where you can get your questions solved by the Answerbag staff within a day! Even this website includes a wide number of categories to search for. Just type the question, hit enter and wait for your response. 


4. Quora.com

Quora has been founded in the year 2009. Though it is new compared to other websites, it has gained popularity all around the world. Get free answers to your questions within minutes by the community of users. Quora.com is one of the top rated question and answer website which gives access to lots of various categories. 


5. AskPedia.com

Well, the name tells that, it is similar to Wikipedia! It doesn't mean that this website is similar to wiki. Infact, AskPedia is very similar to yahoo answers. Firstly, it is an online community for questions and answers. Secondly, the points system which yahoo answers is following too! Yeah, AskPedia is having the points system and later on, those points can be redeemed for cash rewards. Isn't it amazing?! Answering as many questions as you can and gaining points which can be converted into cash! 


6. Helpglobe.com 

Another similar website which was founded in the year 2007. HelpGlobe is similar to AskPedia where you can earn points based on your answer. More informative the answer, more points you get! It contains the 5-star points based system. Unlike AskPedia where earned points can be redeemed into cash, helpglobe doesn't have cash rewards system.


7. Ask.com

Ask.com was founded in the year 1996 which is originally known as Ask Jeeves. One of the best question and answer community that is also the search engine. Just like Yahoo, Users can browse questions and use the search engine for finding specific information as well. Well, the similarity percentage for this website should be approx 90%. This is a must visit website.

Ask.com similar to yahoo answers

8. Blurtit.com

This website has been launched in the year 2006 that gives access to whole wide range of topics. Ask anything and get answers for free !

Blurtit similar to yahoo answers

9. Aolanswers.com

One more similar website to yahoo answers that includes very wide range of categories. 

AolAnswers similar website

10. AskMeHelpDesk.com

Askmehelpdesk has been launched in the year 2003 which was ranked as one of the top 15 best Question and answers websites. It includes a huge number of categories to ask for. Asking questions and awaiting for response does not take a lot of time as they contains millions of users in their community.

Askmehelpdesk website similar to yahoo answers