How to Make Money Blogging - Step by Step Tutorial

Blogging is one of the best part time job to make money from home. You can make a few dollars or you can even make a living through it. But, it totally depends on your blog's niche, traffic, ads placement and keywords. There are thousands of people who are making money from their blogs/websites.

Many bloggers have achieved their success and many failed. But never gave up! Are you a blog lover? Do you want to make money blogging but confused how to start and how to make money through it? In the article below, I have explained it step by step in easy words on how to earn money from your blog easily.

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Step 1 : Create a free account on blogger.com

Creating Blogger Account

The very first step is to create a free account on blogger.com or WordPress.com. I suggest you to go with blogger as it contains some additional features and is owned by Google. Here, the blog's template plays a vital role to increase the SEO ranking. Choose the template which has attractive background, good design and effective font style. Then proceed to the next step by creating your blog URL, title and description. Make sure the URL is short and attractive that can be remembered easily. Once you have done, choose the most popular blogging topics such as; Blogging tips, technology, tips and tricks about social networking sites and celebrities, Health(weight gain or weight loss, body building), Beauty tips. These are the most searched keywords on Google at present.

Step 2 : Submit your blog to search engines

Submitting Blog to Search Engines

Submitting your blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing is very important. Once you publish your first article post, submit your blog URL to Google and Yahoo. It might take around 2-3 days to get your blog indexed. Soon after indexing you can see your blog on the Google and Yahoo Search Engine. Make sure you submit your blog's sitemap to search engines after each 10-12 posts.

Step 3 : Use Social networking sites and engage people on your blog

Share Blog to Social Networking Sites

Almost all the bloggers use social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to publish their content and gain more traffic. One of the best platform is Facebook where you can promote your blog, share your blog links with your friends and family and gain their attention towards your blog. You can also add social networking sites sharing buttons below your every post. When anyone likes reading your article, they can easily share with their friends. You can also add a Facebook like box gadget in your blog.

Step 4 : Apply for Google AdSense

Apply For Google Adsense
Google AdSense is the best and most popular pay-per-click program for monetizing your online content. One of the best way to make money blogging. Getting AdSense account approved is easy but earning through it is toughest thing to do. You just need to place the Google Ads on your blog and when someone clicks on it, you will get paid. Before applying for AdSense, you must have minimum 10 genuine articles in your blog. Genuine in the sense, they should be self-written. You should not even copy a single line from other websites, blogs or books. If Google finds any copied article in your blog, they will reject your application on the spot. Once your application gets approved, you can even make a living through it!

Note: Never, ever click on your own ads.

Step 5 : Apply for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Apply for Amazn affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way to make some good income from your blog. You can sign up for amazon affiliate program for free and start promoting their products on your blog. If any one purchases the product you have promoted, you will get some commission. Select any one product from amazon and write a good review on it with affiliate links.

Step 6: Apply for Infolinks

Apply your blog for infolinks

Infolinks is to be known as the leading CTC advertisement program which gives 70% revenue sharing to the publishers. They are the in-links ad which are usually shown in the article you have published. I hope you might have noticed the double underlined links below the text. When someone moves the cursor on that link, a small dialogue box(infolinks ad) is opened. If anyone gets engaged with those ads, they get paid! Your blog needs to have a lot of traffic in order to get your Infolinks application approved.


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