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5 Ways to Earn Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

In my previous article, you might have read about how to earn money blogging, explained with a simple and good tutorial. In this article, I'm going to share some tips on earning money with Amazon affiliate program. Amazon gives 100 % surety to it's products of over 200 million books plus many new cell phones, digital cameras, electronic items, home & kitchen, DVD's, games and many more. Amazon has launched a new affiliate program that allows its associates to make money from their blog or website upto 15% commission. Amazon affiliate program is the best way to boost your online income if you give some time for blogging or any other way by promoting their products.

Earning money with Affilaite marketing

Follow these 5 ways to start earning with Amazon affiliate program right away.

1. Sign Up for Amazon Affiliating Program for FREE !!

Signing up for amazon affiliate program is absolutely free. Once you get done with the registering process, you will be asked to fill up your payment information. Complete all the necessary information and you will be done with your registering process.

2. Promote with your Blog or Website

The best way to promote your amazon products is through a blog or website. An associate with a good blog would be a plus point to generate more income every month. As per your blog niche, you can select the particular product, write a good and attractive review about that product and promote it with few amazon links included in that article. Make sure your blog or website has a good SEO ranking on Google. The more views your blog gets, the more chances of the product to be purchased.

3. Squidoo Lens

Promoting amazon products through Squidoo lens is the most effective and another best technique that can make you rich. It's absolutely free and you can find all the necessary tools to promote your product on Squidoo. You just need to sign up and start writing your lens. Before you start anything, just have a look on other lenses how others are promoting their products. By doing this, you may get an idea of promoting in a better and attractive way. Make sure you select the best and popular amazon products with good content and design. In such a way that your readers should feel like purchasing the product right away.

4. HubPages

HubPages is a revenue sharing website where you will get paid writing articles. As mentioned in the above way(Squidoo), even here you need to promote your amazon products writing articles. Choose any one good product and write an attractive eye-catch article with some amazon links in it.

5. Promote on Facebook 

There are millions of people using Facebook now a days and this can be the best place to promote your products. No need of website, no need of blog, no need of other genuine websites. You just need to create a fan page on Facebook, put your products links with some content and then share that page with your friends and family. If you want to get lots of likes with-in few days, then promote your page ! If you're lucky enough, you will surely make a living with a single fan page.