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Top 10 Most Popular Female Bloggers Of 2013

Earlier, people used to say that women lack behind in technical skills. But, ever since earning money through blogging has been started, the competition between men and women has been increased too. Women are giving touch competition to men in terms of blogging and other ways to earn money online. Below are the amazing top 10 most popular female bloggers of 2013 that I want to share with you. They below mentioned bloggers have a great alexa ranking, they got thousands of subscribers and have survived many years of Blogging, they actually made their living from blogging! All these female bloggers are worth a salute ! These female bloggers can be the great source to those who are housewives or college students who are in search of real money/online income. Women who are addicted to write can now show your talent, your skills to the world through blogging. Below is the updated list of top female bloggers of 2013.
Top Female Bloggers of 2013
1. Gina Trapani
Blog: LifeHacker
Niche: Self Improvement
Alexa Rank: 554

2. Rita McGrath
Blog: Blogs.hbr.org
Niche: Marketing
Alexa Rank: 3669

3. Ree Drummond
Blog: The Pioneer Women
Niche: Food
Alexa Rank: 7,055

4. Heather And Jessica
Blog: Go Fug Yourself
Niche: Fashion and Style
Alexa Rank: 19426

5. Jeeny Lawson
Blog: The Bloggess
Niche: Humor
Alexa Rank: 28,430

6. Sara K. Smith
Blog: Wonkette
Niche: Politics
Alexa Rank: 30,592

7. Ariel Meadow Stallings
Blog: Off Beat Bride
Niche: Fashion
Alexa Rank: 31,779

8. Julie, Sarah and Janet
Blog: Remodelista
Niche: Design
Alexa Rank: 31,800

9. Martina Zavagno
Blog: Adverblog
Niche: Markeing
Alexa Rank: 70,389

10.  Danielle LaPorte
Blog: www.Daniellelaporte.com
Niche: Branding
Alexa Rank: 80,515