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How To Match Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture With Correct Dimensions

You must have noticed many times on Facebook that the cover photo and the profile photo matches together. The combination looks very attractive to the users who visit your profile. Did you ever wished to have the same combination on your profile too? Tried and still didn't get it? No problem! In this article, you can learn How To Match Your Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture Perfectly. 

Firstly, you should know the correct dimensions to upload it on Facebook, else you will receive an error that the selected pic is too small, try larger one! No need of Photoshop to edit the dimensions of the image. You can directly re-size the dimensions of the image in ms-paint.

Match your Facebook Cover with Profile Picture

Following are the dimensions you must remember :

1. The dimension of your original cover photo should be 851*315 pixels.
2. Profile Photo width should be 160 and height must be 160 pixels.
3. You should maintain 23 pixels distance between left of your cover photo and your profile pic.
4. You should maintain 658 pixels distance between right of your cover photo and your profile pic.
5. You should maintain 210 pixels distance between top of your profile pic till the top of cover pic.
6. You should maintain 105 pixels distance between top of your profile pic till the bottom of your cover photo.

Easier Way to Match Facebook Cover  Photo and Profile Photo

Want to go in an easier way? Okay, then follow the above steps.

1. Visit fbcoverprofilecombo website.
2. Scroll down and Click on "Select Files" button.
3. Upload the photo from your computer(851*315 pixels).
4.  Click on "Press to view profile pic".
5. Right click on the pic and select "Save Image As".
6. Upload it on your Facebook and you're done !

Sometimes, your profile pic doesn't match the cover. Then you can click on "Edit Profile Picture", select "Edit Thumbnail" and adjust the dimensions and you're done !