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Top Paid AdSense Revenue Sharing Programs By Google

It has been under 3 years since I joined Google, during which i have earned some income through some genuine Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Websites. I joined IndiaStudyChannel.com  few months ago which was one of my favorite revenue share website. Anyone can earn money from various sections from this website as part time income. IndiaStudyChannel is educational portal providing reliable and comprehensive information on educational institutions, examinations, education system, exam results, entrance examinations, previous years university question papers etc. It's a great website where people can earn some part time money from home. I have learnt many new things from this website and earned a lot of money as well. 

AdSense Revenue Sharing program helps you to earn part time revenue for the content you contribute in your website. You can post written articles, photos, videos, blogs and links. When people click on your Advertisements, Google will pay you 90% of Ad revenue. Adsense is one of Google's advertising programs. Another one of Google's advertising programs is Adwords which is the source of the ads used for the Adsense program. Adwords users would pay money to run these ads so that they themselves can generate money by sending people to their websites.

How does it works?

If you have an AdSense account then you have a good opportunity to make extra money from it. Below are some top 10 revenue share websites which are 100% genuine and trusted by Google AdSense. You first have to work under these websites and comply with their policies. When people clicks on your Ad by Google, you will be paid for every click. 

Here are the Top Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Websites List!

HubPages shares 60% of its revenue to its users. For ten pages, you ads gallery pays sixty times and four times. This page has additional and million page impressions per life. This page is of the result of Amazon and Kontera Ads.

2. IndiaStudyChannel.com:
 IndiaStudyChannel is an educational website where you can learn and gain knowledge from various sections. ISC is an AdSense Revenue Sharing Website which pays some part time money to students for posting some original contents like articles, Forum answers, Ask Experts, Jobs, Reviews, Question papers, college course submission in their free time. Not only for students, it is also helpful for teachers, retired people and housewife's. They share 90% of AdSense revenue protection along the protection  of other gifts and payments.

3. Flixya.com:
Flixya is a social networking site that pays 100% of Ad revenue to its users. You can share your videos, photos and blogs and earn more money. This can be the best place to make new friends and earn part time money through your posts. 

4. Triond:
A user can get 50% AdSense revenue and 60% revenue from other advertisement programs on the Triond through their Paypal account or through western union.

5. She Told Me: 
This a bookmarking website which shares 100% adsense revenue to their users on posting blogs or links.

6. Xomba:
Xomba is one of the best website which also share 50% of advertisement revenue from AdSense. You will get paid by Google every time someone clicks on these ads. But keep one thing in your mind. Do not post useless English articles or blogs. Try to use valuable article with no grammatical mistakes in it. If you do then there are chances for you to get banned by Xomba. This site uses Google Adsense on every page of the site.

7. Indyarocks.com
This is an social networking community which helps its users to earn some part time money by posting videos, images, games, entertainment s well as user generated content and communities. You can send friend requests to many people and you also have chances to increase your page traffic through your friends.